LinkList for Solar Astronomers

Coordinated solar observations
Solar sites Webguide (*)
NOAA solar information
Solar and Interplanetary Phenomena by NGDC/NOAA
Solar Flare Theory by NASA/Goddard

ESA Solar System Division (*)
European Solar Radio Astronomers (CESRA)
Joint Organization for Solar Observations (JOSO)
Solar radio observations at Zurich
Observatoire de Paris, D├ępartement d'Astronomie Solaire (DASOP)

SOHO Main Page
Yohkoh SXT
Ulysses Home Page
GOES Satellite Homepage
BATSE Solar Flare server (Compton Gamma Ray Observatory)

Yohkoh images and movies (*)
Yohkoh Data Archive Centre (*) (Mullard Space Science Lab.)
Daily SXT Images held at the YDAC (*)
SOHO Summary Database: Available Images (*)
Latest SOHO/EIT Full Field Images

SolarNews newsletter
Coolnews newsletter
Solar Meetings listed by SOHO

(*) denotes a broken link. Please mail if you know the correct one.

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