The Sun now

The solar eclipse has ended. Below is a summary of the observations.

The eclipse on 20.3.2015

The latest radio map at 37 GHz frequency.

The eclipse from beginning to end.

The Sun and the Moon right before the eclipse begins.

The Solar eclipse explained with a simple Venn diagram (82 % tongue in cheek).

"Behind the scene." Individual radio telescopes make pictures by scanning over the desired region and measuring the brightness at many points. In the example above each red dot marks one measurement point.

Total brightness of the Sun at 11.2 GHz.

Outdoor temperature follows with a small delay.

About the eclipse

On Friday 20th of March 2015 the Aalto University Metsähovi Radio Observatory in Finland observed a nearly total solar eclipse.

This page shows the eclipse as seen by radio telescopes. Radio waves at these frequencies are not affected by clouds, allowing us to observe the eclipse without problems even though the sun was mostly invisible in the visible light.

Additional information

Throughout the day, additional information is provided by:

Metsähovi Radio Observatory
Joni Tammi
tel. +358 29 442 4858