Metsähovi Radio Observatory
14-metre radio telescope time allocation


Current schedule (changes possible)

Table format: Week / Day / 1st-priority project / 2nd-priority project / The receiver used (*) / Comments.
(* If other than the 22/37 GHz continuum receiver.)

Download the schedule as a PDF or as an Excel file.

Schedule legends / explanations

Code Explanation
AGN Quasar monitoring (Active galaxy monitoring campaign);
Single-dish continuum, 37/22 GHz (former QSO, GIX & QSO/GIX projects)
SUN Solar observations (Solar monitoring campaign);
Single-dish continuum, 37 GHz or 3 mm
EVN VLBI European VLBI Network (EVN);
VLBI, 22 GHz
Geo-VLBI International VLBI Service for Geodesy & Astrometry (IVS);
Geodetic VLBI, 2+8 GHz
mm-VLBI The Global Millimetre-VLBI Array (GMVA);
mm-VLBI, 2/3 mm
PRIDE Planetary Radio Interferometry and Doppler Experiment (PRIDE);
Spacecraft tracking experiments
Maintenance Maintenance, various activities, including tests
Teaching Teaching, lab. exercises


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